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Getting Started

Getting Started Guide Video

This video shows how your church can get started promoting MMO. It guides church leaders through the promotions process using six simple steps.

Get Started

Follow this simple plan to promote the Missouri Missions Offering in your church. For each of the steps, just answer the following questions, and you’re off!

Questions to ask for each step:

  1. Who’s responsible?
  2. When is the deadline?
  3. What is the status?

Step 1: Make a promotion plan and set an offering goal

The pastor, church staff, and/or missions leaders should work together to set the offering goal for 2023, schedule promotion times on the church calendar (generally in September), and plan the promotion strategy. Think of ways to include promotion in all worship services:

  • Make MMO offering envelopes readily available.
  • Schedule an MMO “8 Days of Prayer” using the prayer guides. The suggested days are Sept. 10-17.
  • Show MMO videos throughout September.

Step 2: Order resources

There are four simple ways to order promotional materials – and they’re all free:

  • Online. Use this order form to select the resources you’ll need, and submit your order electronically.
  • Mail. Complete the order form mailed to you in July and drop it in the mail.
  • Phone. Call 800.736.6227 ext. 303.
  • Email. Send your request to

Step 3: Show MMO videos

One of the best ways to promote MMO is to show videos that capture the heart of Missouri missions. View, download, and share the videos at DVDs are available by request if downloading isn’t an option for you.

Step 4: Promote the scripture and church offering goal

Use the promotional posters and other resources to promote the scripture and goal for your church’s MMO emphasis. Provide promotional information and materials to all leaders in their Sunday school classes, small groups, mission teams, etc. Promote the offering emphasis from the pulpit, in church newsletters and worship bulletins, and on your website.

Step 5: Keep your congregation informed

Use the resources available via mail or download to help your congregation understand how essential MMO is to reaching the lost in Missouri. Visit for articles, ideas, and free resources.

Step 6: Collect the offering and send it to the MBC

Collect the offering and submit it to:

Missouri Baptist Convention
400 E. High St.
Jefferson City, MO  65101

The offering can be submitted using your normal MBC remittance form; just designate the offering as “MMO.” Please submit all MMO funds by Dec. 31, 2023.

And remember, individuals can give online via electronic check or credit card. Just go to


Because of improved MMO promotional videos and downloadable resources, the MBC does not schedule promotional speakers. That significantly cuts travel expenses, freeing up more funds for Missouri missions. Please show the videos and use the other resources to demonstrate the benefits of giving through the Missouri Missions Offering.